Trumpet Catalog

I grew up learning the same few trumpet works by the same few composers: Haydn, Hummel, Hindemith, Arutunian, etc. I never questioned the idea that my instrument's significant repertoire was written primarily by white men - most of whom were not current, living composers. That all changed in 2017 when I took on a project to program a recital with works for trumpet written by living, women composers. This project inspired me to further my research into the literature, where I found so many incredible pieces by underrepresented composers. Since I began this project three years ago, I have expanded my research to include all underrepresented identities in all instruments and ensembles. I have taken this research and presented it to academic institutions across the United States and Canada.

This project includes all gender-marginalized individuals and/or Black, Indigenous, or persons of color. This resource aims to provide a starting point for educators, performers, composers, and scholars to begin discovering solo and chamber repertoire to program and teach. I encourage anyone who looks at this resource to find new works and establish relationships and connections with these composers. Each composer has an important voice and deserves so much more than a line on a spreadsheet. I spent time contacted every composer, and each composer included has consented and confirmed all information. I did not add any living composers that I was unable to reach. Some composers included in this resource are no longer living - they are unable to provide their consent, but I still wanted to showcase their contributions to the trumpet repertoire.

  • You are interested in having me speak to your studio, brass department, school, or any other music course! I would love to talk about how we can create sustainable inclusion in our programs!

  • You are a composer and would like to update any information, submit works, or have any questions! I will make update changes as soon as I respond to your email.

  • You're thinking, "I know X composer has written works for the trumpet, but they're not on here!" There's a possibility I reached out and haven't heard back, they opted out of this resource, or I did not know about their music!